Friday, September 2

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

After I've spent a few months tending to my health, now I'm all alive and kicking! Thanks to the Almighty God! It also means I'm back to my previous usual scene, facing my computer and left- and right-clicking the mouse with thoughts busy searching for new opportunities that I can do from home and online. I've been doing this for nearly four years now. So far, I am happy with it because it has let me earn an income without having me to leave home. And now, I've got over ten sites to attend to. *thinking*

Monday, June 6

Why Trish?

Many people do blame their parents for giving them names that they don't like - probably because their names sound too unpleasant to hear.  So those who have the means have opted to change their names into great sounding ones or into lucky ones.  

Have you ever wondered what your name means for you or what it does for your life?  Well, I have...  

I'm not a Chinese but I believe in a lot of things and stuffs.  Honestly, I can't count them all with my fingers.  Why I believe so is because I have proven that many of the superstitions I know of prove to be true.  I continue to learn and because I have more time now, I dig around the web for ideas esp. on names - I'm just curious until I found a site that tells how to determine if your name is bringing you good or bad luck.  'tis just for fun but I want to take it seriously.  

Accordingly, the name of a person greatly affects him and how he lives.  In Feng Shui, there are five elements namely; wood, fire, earth, metal and water (constructive cycle in Feng Shui).  And talking about names, each alphabet in your name is being represented by an element.  

A,B,K,L,U,V - Wood
C,D,M,N,W,X - Fire
E,F,O,P,Y,Z - Earth
G,H,Q,R - Metal

I,J,S,T - Water

Wait, that doesn't end just there.  You will need to determine your favorable element according to the season you were born in.  Check your favorable element below and element to avoid.

4th February to 5th May - favorable: Metal, avoid: Wood
6th May to 7th August - favorable: Water, avoid: Fire
8th August to 7th November - favorable: Wood, avoid: Metal
8th November to 3rd February - favorable: Fire, avoid: Water
For four Earth months: 5th April to 5th May, 7th July to 7th August, 8th October to 7th November and 6th January to 4th February - avoid Earth

My name is Aires and my favorable element is metal so I should avoid wood.  That's why I want my name be changed to Trish because it only has two elements which are metal and water and metal feeds water (constructive).  And Trish means 'noble'. :D

Friday, June 3

This blog's got a PR2

Yep, I've just checked my blog's PR value from Google PageRank Checker and it has gotten 2 from 10 possible points.  Yay!  I'm already happy with that but, I envy Facebook because it's got 10/10, lol.  

If you own a site you too can check you PR value from above link.  And, if you don't have a blog yet and you'd like to have one or two, check out Kaye's WAHMaholic Blog Designs.  



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